SuperFlight – 98 – Sleepy Disappointment and NBA Playoffs

Welcome to the SuperFlight podcast, where Joe just woke up and has the worst opening ramble of all time! It’s actually kinda funny in a delirious and completely disjointed kinda way. After that, Ashwin Kamath joins the show to talk about the Dwane Casey firing, the Sixers unexpected but somewhat expected early exit, the Cvs and Celtic, the Warriors and Rockets and the T-Wolves. It’s a fun conversation as usual so give a listen!

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SuperFlight – 97 – Pretty Much All Sixers with Jon Hill

This week on the SuperFlight Joe is joined by Jon Hill of the Super Hoopers podcast to break down the Sixers season, the Monday night loss to the Celtics, Hinkie versus Colangelo and some LeBron and general NBA playoffs…but mostly Sixers talk. If you’re a fan of Boston, you might want to skip this episode but if you love to hate, you’re going to love this episode. Also, Joe meant to cut out all the stuff where he totally forgets the simplest names but forgot, so if that kinda thing is for you, you’re definitely going to love this episode. Stick around and enjoy!

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SuperFlight – 96 – NBA Playoffs and James Herbert in the Beginning

Welcome to another episode of the SuperFlight podcast, where this week, Joe is joined by James Herbert of CBS Sports to talk about the playoffs. They touch on every series and spend a particular amount of time on the Pelicans sweep of the Blazers and forecast where the Blazers might go from here. Joe also talks to James about how he got his start in sports and if you listen all the way to the end, Joe gushes about this Sixers team. It was a really fun episode to make and hopefully it’s even more fun to intake. Enjoy!
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SuperFlight – 94 – The 5 Stages of Pistons Grief with Shameek Mohile

Well, the Pistons are out of the playoffs and Sham is here to help Joe break down exactly what happened to their seemingly promising season. Joe and Sham touch on injuries, the Blake trade and the five stages of Pistons grief, plus there’s plenty of talk about Kyrie’s season ending surgery and Kawhi’s potential trade destinations. It’s a fun show so hang out and give a listen!

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SuperFlight – 93 – The Rockets Take Flight with Salman Ail

This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, Joe talks to Salma Ail of Red Nation Hoops about all things Houston. Will the Rockets make it to the Finals? Will Harden lose the MVP? Is he secretly a really annoying player to watch and does Joe also secretly hope Harden doesn’t win the MVP cause it would be hilarious? The answers to all these questions are just a listen away! Plus, Salman and Joe talk about the Nuggets, Sixers, Jazz and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

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SuperFlight – 92 – Way too much Lakers talk with Matt Hill

Well, the podcast is a little late this week but it’s definitely work waiting for. Matt Hill joins the podcast this week to talk all things Lakers and go around the league a little bit. But, before any of this happens, Joe has a very interactive question for the SuperFlight friends that you can only answer by Twitter (or Give a listen, you might really enjoy it. Then, Matt helps Joe make sense of Julius Randle, Lonzo and the Lakers gang and what their future might look like. It’s a fun conversation so hang out, put the headphones on and enjoy!

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