SuperFlight – 92 – Way too much Lakers talk with Matt Hill

Well, the podcast is a little late this week but it’s definitely work waiting for. Matt Hill joins the podcast this week to talk all things Lakers and go around the league a little bit. But, before any of this happens, Joe has a very interactive question for the SuperFlight friends that you can only answer by Twitter (or Give a listen, you might really enjoy it. Then, Matt helps Joe make sense of Julius Randle, Lonzo and the Lakers gang and what their future might look like. It’s a fun conversation so hang out, put the headphones on and enjoy!

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SuperFlight – 91 – Draft Prospects and Hot Topics with Phil Boileau

It’s really early to start talking about draft prospects but in an effort to brush up on the upcoming NBA class Joe taps the mind of Phil Boileu of Press Basketball to get some educated information. It’s a fun conversation about who’s going to be good and which teams should just lose their right to draft altogether. Then Joe and Phil talk a bit about the Cavs and if they can get it together and more gushing about the Sixers from Joe, as usual. Hang out and join the fun!

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SuperFlight – 89 – Playoff Positions! with Dave DuFour

In one of the most ridiculous conversations that has ever taken place on the SuperFlight, Dave DuFour joins Joe to break down playoff positioning in the NBA. This is easily one of the best conversations to ever be recorded on the Flight and you’re going to love it. Joe and Dave kick it off talking about art, wine and their own personal basketball skills and end up just talking about why basketball is the best sport. If you’ve read this far you should remember to leave feedback and let us know if this was a classic or just two guys having way to much fun talking about everything. Anyway, enjoy!

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SuperFlight – 88 – The Wiz with CT Schwink and Duncan Roth

For your listening pleasure, this podcast it completely unedited. That’s right, you get to hear Joe talk about basketball with as much eloquence as an otter in heat. And, here to help him are the the Zarcast guys, Duncan Roth and CT Schwink, to break down all of the Wizards highs, lows and everything in between. It’s a fun conversation with two really smart Wizards fans. Enjoy!

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SuperFlight – 87 – Blake Trade and The Pistons with David Fernandez

This week, after a really long lay-off, Joe’s back with David Fernandez to talk all about the Pistons trading for Blake Griffin, from a very Pistons perspective. Joe and David get into what this means for the team, for the future, for Van Gundy and David’s feelings. About 45 minutes later they talk about Greg Monroe to the Celtics and Nicola Mirotic to the Pelicans and Joe forgets everyone’s name, which is always fun. Stick around, it’s a good time.

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SuperFlight – 86 – Lakers, Sixers, Fights and More! With Matt Hill

Sorry guys and gals, after 3 scrapped recording in the last two weeks you’re going to have to deal with some poor audio quality from Joe. Just hang in there, it’s still descent content. This week, Matt Hill from the SuperHoopers joins Joe to talk about the Lakers, fights and guys who just annoying to watch on and off the court. There’s talk of Lonzo ball’s potential, if Fultz will ever pan out, KCP’s arrest and how unwatchable he is and fights they would love to see. Even if the audio is terrible, the conversation is great. Give a listen and enjoy!

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