SuperFlight – 133 – Don’t Listen to Anything I Say with Shameek Mohile

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m an idiot. I know literally nothing about anything. No really, you think I’m kidding? I thought the Lakers were going to be either the 8th seed in the West or miss the playoffs altogether, how’s that for not knowing anything? You want more? Ok but I’m warning you, it gets ugly and kinda hilarious. I guess being funny might be better than being right? That’s what I’m telling myself from now on and Sham is here to help me out!

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SuperFlight – 132 – Flying Solo Again!

Here we are again, me apologizing you to you for not being there for you, you begrudgingly accepting my apology and taking me back but only after I’ve bought you a dozen roses and a pineapple daiquiri.
That actually sounds disgusting, but you know what sounds great??
• All Star Talk
• Kobe thoughts (sorry)

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SuperFlight – 128 – Preseason Predictions

This week on the SuperFlight, Shameek Mohile of Detroit Bad Boys and @ Gods and a Goose Podcast, joins me to make our best predictions about who’s going to win the awards, which teams will make it to the Finals and some fun, made-up awards that have no bearing on anything at all. It was a fun pod to do and it’s going to give me great material to make fun of myself for later so enjoy!

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SuperFlight – 128 – The East Is Something

Michael Keith from The FUZZ NBA Podcast joins me to break down the Eastern Conference playoff teams. We spend way too much time on the Magic and Detroit and, well, really all of the teams outside of Philly and Milwaukee but hey, that’s what makes this fun! I can’t guarantee you’ll learn anything but if you have an hour and a half, it’s definitely worth the listen…and yes, I do say so myself.
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SuperFlight – 127 – How The West Was Won with The FUZZ

It’s been a minute, huh? Sorry I’ve been away but I’m back, reinvigorated and ready for a new NBA season and happy to run my mouth like I’ve never run my mouth before! That’s right, no more network bullshit, no more writing in third person like I’m not the guy writing these horrible synopses. If you want very little depth of analysis, virtually no break-downs of X’s and O’s and as few statistics as I can find, you got it! But, I can guarantee we’re going to have fun and that starts with the BRAND NEW EPISODE with Michael Keith and Byron James from The FUZZ NBA podcast. We’re predicting the Western conference playoffs teams and it’s the best conversation I’ve had in 6 months! So grab a beer or a coffee or a loved one and hang on, it’s a wild ride!

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