SuperFlight – 42 – Oh Portland, Where did we go wrong? With Dan Marang

Joe Borelli is real jerk. Wanna know why? Listen to the first 5:38 of this episode and you’ll know. After that, Dan Marang of Blazers Edge and Trailing Blazers podcast joins the show to talk about the future of the Trail Blazers, and if they should actaully be aiming for the playoffs or if the should call in the tank immediatly. Joe and Dan also talk a bit about the parallels between the Blazers injuries of old and the current Sixers injury problems, the Noel trade and who the Blazers should keep between Dame and CJ. It’s a fun, informational episode any fan of the NBA would enjoy. You can follow Dan Marang on twitter @DMarang and @TrailingBlazers

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