SuperFlight – 47 – Westbrook as MVP with – Chris Axmann

This week, after Joe talks about mice in the fridge and a certain TV show he no longer watches (that he might start watching again), Chris Axmann joins the podcast to talk about Russell Westbrook and the MVP race. Be warned, Joe and Chris talk a little politics to open the show, so if you don’t want their perspective on this, skip to the 12:30 mark and save yourself the anger of liberal musings. After that, there’s talk about what “value” actually is, Nurkic’s injury and well wishes for his former team, Melo’s day’s being numbered in New York and possible trades and a much of other random stuff. After they’re done talking about the NBA, Chris makes a really BIG announcement about the network that you might be interested in. This episode was easily as much fun to make as it will be to listen to so enjoy!

You can follow Chris Axemann on Twitter @AlmightyBallin and on the ABPN network at

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