Man, it is cold outside! But Joe’s back to keep your ears blazing hot with his ridiculous stories and absurd NBA takes, and here to help him break this stuff down is Shameek Mohile. Joe and Sham get into the Pistons slump and what they can do while Reggie is injured and about the emergence of Reggie Bullock,  but it’s also cool that Joe got to rub the Sixers win in Sham’s face in real time! Then they move on to the Cavs and talk a bit about the Kyrie article that dropped on ESPN this week before finally throwing some dirt on Houston and Harden’s recent melt-downs just before getting injured. Then, to wrap it all up, Joe and Sham have the HOTTEST take about Chris Paul and Dwight Howard and discuss the worst diet in history. It’s a great time so give a listen!

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