SuperFlight – 124 – Giannis MVP and KD is Annoying

This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, Joe is joined by Ti Windisch of The Step Back to talk all about Giannis and the Bucks. That’s right, Joe’s finally getting on board with the probable MVP and discussing the chances that the Bucks go to the Finals. Of course, interspersed with that is the inevitable Sixers talk and Joe goes full “I hate the Celtics” for a moment. This, plus talk of the AD debacle, the All Star Draft and how Kevin Durant has become perhaps the most annoying person in professional sports. It’s a fun one you don’t want to miss!

Follow Ti on Twitter @TiWinsisch—124—Giannis-MVP-and-KD-is-Annoying-e36o9i/a-aadmp9

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