SuperFlight – 127 – How The West Was Won with The FUZZ

It’s been a minute, huh? Sorry I’ve been away but I’m back, reinvigorated and ready for a new NBA season and happy to run my mouth like I’ve never run my mouth before! That’s right, no more network bullshit, no more writing in third person like I’m not the guy writing these horrible synopses. If you want very little depth of analysis, virtually no break-downs of X’s and O’s and as few statistics as I can find, you got it! But, I can guarantee we’re going to have fun and that starts with the BRAND NEW EPISODE with Michael Keith and Byron James from The FUZZ NBA podcast. We’re predicting the Western conference playoffs teams and it’s the best conversation I’ve had in 6 months! So grab a beer or a coffee or a loved one and hang on, it’s a wild ride!

Follow the Fuzz on Twitter @TheFUZZNBA / @Michael_k_eith / @ByronJKnight

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