SuperFlight – 69 – What Can I Say, I’m a Sixers Fan – with Spike Eskin

It’s a quick opening this time cause it’s Media Day in the NBA and Spike Eskin from the Rights To Ricky Sanchez joins the show to talk all things Sixers. Before they get into that, Joe’s asks Spike about his dislike of celery and they talk briefly about Joe’s second favorite subject, running. Then, it’s on to Ben Simmons chances at ROY, Embiid’s health, Fultz fit on the team and so much more. Stay put, it’s gonna be fun!

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SuperFlight – 68 – Jazzin’ It Up with @SnottieDrippen

Man, this is a good one! First, if you wanna hear about life’s little moments that just seem to pop out of nowhere to make you happy, listen to the opening. If you’re in a hurry and don’t care then skip to the 7 minute mark. After that, James Holas joins Joe again to break down the Jazz upcoming season and constantly call Rudy Gobert by his alternate name Rudy Gay. Don’t ask. The guys talk about Donovan Mitchell, Gobert versus Hayward as the best player on the team last year and what to expect moving forward. Come listen in!

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SuperFlight – 67 – Suns and Stuff – with @RadioTimNBA

So, this week Joe has some really innocuous self-perpetuated dialogue about nothing but traveling to Pennsylvania to go to a wedding, If you want to skip this and get to the part where Joe has more innocent dialogue about quitting smoking, meatless Monday’s and forgetting things, skip to the 6 minute mark. After Joe and Tim are through talking nonsense the do a deep dive into the Suns upcoming season, Devin Booker’s chances at being a superstar, TJ Warren being a fun player with upside and a whole lot about Josh Jackson. Stick around it’s a lot of fun plus, Joe has to mix in some Sixers talk cause he just can’t help himself.

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SuperFlight – 66 – Just Horsin’ Around with @TweetofMattHill

Oh, you’re going to love the story this week. Yes, it’s a few years old but it’s a good one. If you want to skip right to NBA talk, jump the the 8 minute mark. This week, Matt Hill of the Super Hoopers joins Joe on the podcast to talk everything Lonzo Ball and the Lakers. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of laughs and actually kinda mean (sorry Lonzo) at times. Give a listen!

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SuperFlight – 65 – Detroit Pistons Preview with @The_Fernantula

It’s football time but who cares, David Fernandez is on the SuperFlight to talk about the Pistons! Joe and David break down the upcoming Pistons season, if Reggie Jackson will be healthy, what Avery Bradley brings to the team, Stan Van’s position in the front office, how many Diet Coke’s he drinks in the morning and lots more. Stick around, it’s a good one!

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SuperFlight – 64 – PDX’in It Up – With @DMarang

Mercy sakes alive! There is nothing going on in the NBA, well, except the pre-season preview of the Portland Trailblazers. This week Dan Marang of Blazers joins Joe to break down the Blazers off-season and upcoming NBA season. They talk about Dame’s chances to make the All-Star game, if Nurkic will be a solidifying presence and get them into the playoffs, Neil Olshey’s re-up with the team and all about really large humans. Stick around, it’s gonna be fun!

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SuperFlight – 63 – The Bulls, a.k.a. Who Are These Guys? With @Tyler_Pleiss

What, a second episode this week? You got it! Tyler Pleiss, friend of the show and Bulls blogger, joins Joe to break down the upcoming Bulls season, have a few beers and laugh at the dumpster fire that the Bulls have become! Is there any hope for the season? Did they pick the right guy in the draft? Will Cameron Payne be the dancing king he was brought to Chicago to be? Listen along and find out!

You can follow Tyler on Twitter @Tyler_Pleiss and on SB Nations’s Blog A Bull