SuperFlight – 76 – Insult to Early Injuries – with @SnottieDrippen

We’re just days into the NBA season and we have a plethora of injuries and James is here to talk about how bad the Celtics might be without Gordon Hayward. Well, there’s that an a whole lot of swerving all over NBA topics cause Joe has a hard time keeping things together when he’s drinking whiskey. It’s fun and you’ll enjoy it so listen to it!

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SuperFlight – 75 – Embiid, Whiteside and Twitter debates with Max Rappaport

Well, Joe’s favorite holiday is fast approaching and he’s got a story about being a ten-year-old jerk, you’re gonna love it. After that, Max Rappaport of the Step Over Podcast comes on the show to discuss Embiids contract extension, the budding rivalry between Hassan Whiteside and Embiid, Andrew Wiggins contract, and who’s a better player – Wiggins or Covington. They wrap the whole thing up with some talk about the Makelle Futz injury and what’s going on with his shot. Enjoy!

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SuperFlight – 74 – The Knicks with David Futernick

If you’re looking for a really dumb short story, have a listen to the beginning of the episode it’s pretty dumb and indicative of the life experience of one Joe Borelli. After you’ve had your fill of nonsense, Dave Futernick of TV, Film and The Super Hoopers, joins the podcast to talk more nonsense, but this time in the form of the New York Knickerbockers. It’s a great conversation with a brilliant and typically tortured Knicks fan. Enjoy!

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SuperFlight – 73 – Season Predictions with @SnottieDrippen

Oh boy, the season’s almost here! It’s like Christmas in October or Halloween in, well, October! James Holas joins Joe again this time around to talk about the Embiid signing, the awards for MVP, Most Improved, 6th Man and a few random awards you don’t want to miss. Hang out, it’s gonna be fun~

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SuperFlight – 72 – The New Look Kings with Vince Miracle

Woah, time really slips by quickly doesn’t it. One day you’re doing 14 podcasts in a row and the next thing you know, it’s Saturday and the whole week has passed without doing one. Well, you’re in luck cause the SuperFlight is back with Vince Miracle and ready to talk all about the Kings! Does Buddy Heild have any future? Will D’Aaron Fox scare Lonzo away every time they play? Can Bogdon win ROY? All of these questions will be answered, plus you’ll hear the most epic stalling session ever by the end of the pod. Oh, and Joe also forgets everyone’s name again. Stick around, it’s a fun one!

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