SuperFlight – 126 Detroit, Dumbasses and Dolan with David Fernandez

This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, David Fernandez joins Joe to talk all about the Pistons surging and their outlook for the playoffs, who’s responsible for the success and who they’re gonna draw in the first round. Then, Joe and David dive into the Westbrook exchange with the dregs of society, the Dolan exchange with the pillars of society and if Morey is right about his thoughts on the East vs West. Enjoy!

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SuperFlight – 125 – The Blazers Are Slept On with Danny Marang

This week on The SuperFlight Podcast, Danny Marang from NBCSNorthwest and Blazers Edge joins Joe to talk a whole lot of Blazers. Joe and Danny break down the difference Nurkic makes on this team, the bench depth, the ways PDX is winning and how far they might go in the playoffs, and what the nuclear option will look like if the Blazers season ends with another early playoff exit. All this and some deep rooted Lakers hate talk at the end, so definitely stick around for the end cause it’s great to hate on the Lakers!

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SuperFlight – 124 – Giannis MVP and KD is Annoying

This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, Joe is joined by Ti Windisch of The Step Back to talk all about Giannis and the Bucks. That’s right, Joe’s finally getting on board with the probable MVP and discussing the chances that the Bucks go to the Finals. Of course, interspersed with that is the inevitable Sixers talk and Joe goes full “I hate the Celtics” for a moment. This, plus talk of the AD debacle, the All Star Draft and how Kevin Durant has become perhaps the most annoying person in professional sports. It’s a fun one you don’t want to miss!

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SuperFlight – 123 – AD Trade and The Podcast That Went Off The Rails!

Nothing like a little NBA trade talk to get Joe all worked up and forget what he’s talking about. This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, Shameek Mohile joins Joe to talk all about the Anthony Davis trade and a lot about the depressing Pistons too. Plus, this episode has more anecdotes than should be allowed in any one NBA podcast. If you like your NBA all over the place and talk of hot peppers, this one is definitely up your alley.

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SuperFlight – 122 – The NBA All Stars with James Herbert

This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, James Herbert of CBS Sports joins Joe again to talk about all the All Stars that are going to get snubbed this year, and the 24 that will actually make it. It’s and inexact science and there are a lot of feelings of guilt but it makes for the best listening!

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SuperFlight – 121 – The New Look Kings with Vince Miracle

This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, Vince Miracle joins Joe to talk about the second year emergence of De’Aaron Fox and the MIP chances for the newly automatic-from-three Buddy Hield. Will the Kings make the playoffs, why isn’t Jaeger in conversations for Coach of the year, will Willie Cauley Stein discover who he actually is as a player? Listen to the pod and you’ll find out. Plus, Joe and Vince have the debate about MVP and Thibs being fired all in one podcast, it’s great!—121—The-New-Look-Kings-with-Vince-Miracle-e2ucu3/a-a8r3lm


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