SuperFlight – 123 – AD Trade and The Podcast That Went Off The Rails!

Nothing like a little NBA trade talk to get Joe all worked up and forget what he’s talking about. This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, Shameek Mohile joins Joe to talk all about the Anthony Davis trade and a lot about the depressing Pistons too. Plus, this episode has more anecdotes than should be allowed in any one NBA podcast. If you like your NBA all over the place and talk of hot peppers, this one is definitely up your alley.

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SuperFlight – 122 – The NBA All Stars with James Herbert

This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, James Herbert of CBS Sports joins Joe again to talk about all the All Stars that are going to get snubbed this year, and the 24 that will actually make it. It’s and inexact science and there are a lot of feelings of guilt but it makes for the best listening!

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SuperFlight – 121 – The New Look Kings with Vince Miracle

This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, Vince Miracle joins Joe to talk about the second year emergence of De’Aaron Fox and the MIP chances for the newly automatic-from-three Buddy Hield. Will the Kings make the playoffs, why isn’t Jaeger in conversations for Coach of the year, will Willie Cauley Stein discover who he actually is as a player? Listen to the pod and you’ll find out. Plus, Joe and Vince have the debate about MVP and Thibs being fired all in one podcast, it’s great!—121—The-New-Look-Kings-with-Vince-Miracle-e2ucu3/a-a8r3lm


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SuperFlight – 120 – The Sixers Sky Is Not Falling with Jimmy McCormick

This week on the SuperFlight Podcast Jimmy McCormick of ESPN joins Joe to talk all things Sixers Christmas Day game, if the sky is falling and some Colangelo talk too, cause who can get enough? There’s also some talk about the Spurs and Lakers without LeBron and if LBJ is finally breaking down. All this and a whole lot more!

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A Very SuperFlight Happy Holidays!

En lieu of a podcast this week I’ve decided to take the holiday week off, write a little paragraph (or three) and reflect on the past year. If I’m being honest, I’m not a great writer so bear with the sloppy stream-of-thought musings here, I’ll keep it short.

If you’ve listened to the podcast the last few weeks you know that I’m about to start a new job and have a baby on the way; things are about to get very interesting and very busy in a flash. I’m not sure what this means for the podcast moving forward but believe me when I tell you, if you want to continue to receive the SuperFlight in your feed every week, saying “hi” doesn’t hurt. I answer everyone and love to interact, though I’m terrible at Twitter and way less active than I should be but really, hit me up.

In any event, I’m looking forward to a Sixers vs Warriors finals this year (kidding of course) and lots more talk about terrible GMs, up-and-coming young players, draft stuff, playoff nonsense and telling you stories that have no beginning, no point and no end (much like this sentence). You know, the good stuff.

So with that, happy holidays to every single person who has ever listened, written, Tweeted or been a guest on the show! If not for all of you there is no way I would continue to do this every week. And, just a reminder, you can reach me on Twitter @superflightpod and via email at

And, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Joe B

SuperFlight – 119 – Memphis Talk with Keith Parrish

This week on the SuperFlight podcast, Keith Parrish from the Fast Break Breakfast Podcast joins Joe to talk all things Grizzlies and some Bulls nonsense as well. Will Mike Conley finally make an All-Star appearance? Will Jaren Jackson Jr, be a star for the Grizzlies for the next decade? Will the Bulls completely implode (as if that isn’t already a thing). All this and so much more!

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SuperFlight – 118 – Way Too Much Talk About Fultz and the Sixers with Max Rappaport

This week on the SuperFlight podcast, Max Rappaport from the Step Over Podcast joins Joe to talk all things Sixers and the Markell Fultz saga. Seriously, this is a Sixers podcast this week – no real story in the beginning, not other teams discusses, just Sixers – but there is just so much to talk about so enjoy!

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SuperFlight – 117 – The SuperFlight / Super Hoopers Crossover Edition

This week on the SuperFlight, Matt Hill and David Futernick join Joe for a Thanksgiving feast of ridiculousness and hilarity in between. The previous sentence makes no sense and you’ll love the podcast, just listen.

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SuperFlight – 116 – Of Course, It’s the Butler Trade!

This week on the SuperFlight Podcast, James Herbert of CBS Sports joins Joe to break down the Sixers trading for Jimmy Butler. There’s also a nearly teary farewell to Robert Covington and Dario and a little prognostication about what might come. Plus some Knicks, Rockets and Milwaukee talk in there for good measure.

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