SuperFlight – 113 – Fights Galore with Justin Rowan

Welcome to another edition of the SuperFlight podcast in which Joe had Justin Rowan guest on the pod to break down all of the biggest happenings. Including the Chris Paul and Rondo fight, the Cavs and Thunder’s underwhelming start to the season, the Pelicans hot start and Raps v Celtics. Plus, it wouldn’t be an SuperFlight if Joe didn’t inadvertently talk about the Sixers and Markell Futz. It’s a short but good one so stick around!

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SuperFlight – 111 – The Season Preview Pt. 1 – The Awards

In this special 2 part SuperFlight, Joe is joined by CBS’s own James Herbert to talk all about the upcoming season awards as they predict they’ll happen. They don’t touch on all of them but they do talk about ROY, MIP, MVP, DPOY and 6th Man which, means you should dedicate an hour of your life to the NBA gospel as told by the SuperFlight. AMEN!

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SuperFlight – 110 – The All Over The Place Preview with Dave DuFour

It’s preview time in the NBA again and here to help Joe kick off the “which teams do you find most exciting” NBA preview is Coach Dave DuFour. Joe and Dave talk about a vast array of teams, some you obviously suspect like OKC and some you just will not see coming. It’s all fun and games until Joe gets everything wrong… then it’s just hilarious. Give a listen!

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SuperFlight – 109 – The Season Is Fast Upon Us!

Welcome to another edition of The SuperFlight Podcast, where Vince Miracle joins Joe to talk about the ridiculous Jimmy Butler saga, some of the most notable things about media day, the Mavs chances at the playoffs and Kings talk! Yes, Vince and Joe talk about Harry Giles chances at becoming the ROY, Marvin Bagley III’s chances at being any good, De’Aaron Fox’s chances at taking a leap and how the kings might finish the season. It’s a good conversation with some laughs and a lot of befuddlement by Joe, as is typical. Dig in!

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SuperFlight – 108 – It’s a Piston’s Party with David Fernandez

Yeah, it’s that time of the year right between end of summer and beginning of the NBA season where there is nothing going on. In these lean times, Joe likes to call his friends and ask how bad their teams are going to be this year and this week’s pod is no exception! Joining Joe this week is David Fernandez of Inside the Cylinder and Detroit Bad Boys blog, to break down the hiring of Dwane Casey as head coach, if Blake can stay healthy and why there are so many guards on the team. It’s fun and informative and there’s als some thoughts on the Sixers hiring Elton Brand as GM at the end. Dig in!

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SuperFlight – 107 – The Knicks Season Preview with David Futernick

Well, the summer is almost over, which means it’s time to talk about the Knicks again! This week David Futernick joins the show to talk about the David Fizdale hiring, Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson and David’s affinity for Trey Burke. There’s way too much bad audio and way too much of Joe laughing but if you can deal with all of that, it’s a fun episode with some good laughs. Enjoy!

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SuperFlight – 106 – There Is Nothing Going On Here with ESPO

Welcome back to another SuperFlight in which the summer is great and there is no NBA to talk about! Greg Esposito joins Joe to talk all things nonsense and Manu retiring as well. Somehow, amidst absolutely nothing to talk about, Joe and Espo are going to waste about 40 minutes of your time and you’re going to love it!

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